United Coconut Chemicals Inc.

Est 1981

Our Story

United Coconut Chemicals, Inc. referred to as COCOCHEM® was incorporated in the Philippines on December 18, 1981. COCOCHEM® before was involved in the manufacture of fatty acids, fatty alcohol and glycerine utilizing coconut oil as the principal raw material and in the sale, marketing and distribution of such products in the Philippines and anywhere in the world.

COCOCHEM® is now engage in the development and operation, sale or lease of industrial estates and/or special economic zones, including the acquisition, operation, installation, construction and/or maintenance of water, electric, distribution systems, sewerage and drainage systems, pollution control devices, communications facilities, paved road network and other public utilities within the said industrial estates and/or special econmic zones as may be permitted and/or required by law.

COCOCHEM® is 92.85% owned by the Coconut Industry Investment fund (CIIF) and 7.15% owned by Philholding, S.A. of Germany

The registered office address of COCOCHEM® is Cocochem Agro-Industrial Park (CAIP-SEZ) San Antonio, San Pacual, Batangas, Philippines.

Cocochem Agro-Industrial Park Inc.

Est 1997

Our Story

CAIP was born on December 4, 1997 with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority's (PEZA) Registration No. EZ-97-05 and with President Fidel V. Ramos Proclamation No. 1129 on Januartt 20, 1998. We are the country's first oleochemical ECOZONE specially planned to meet the demands of local and foreign investors.

This is another economic activity of COCOCHEM® aimed not only to benefit the Company and the workforce but also to help our government achieve its goals for national development and progress through a vigorous business climate in the country.